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SCS International Limited build in 1992 , specialized in international Express and Cargo transportation .With special service quality and advanced computer system , it has owned high credit and larger market from entering into china .
SCS International Limited is one Intí l Express Limited with considerable scope , owning fine service attitude and creating idea . In nearly years , SCS express Limited not only strengthen operation standards and normalize business process under original base , but also improve service quality from enhancing inside hardware and software , especially improvement on quality-ensured system .Once entering our web: http: / / www.scsexpress.com/ , you can get all information on your parcel , course and signature .
SCS International Limited has global transportation system , offer transfer at important port in the world , build warehouse in the airdrome in East China .The point is that we take advantage on speed, price, quantity and policy in Hong Kong , Taiwan , Japan , Korea , Bangladesh , Sri Lanka , Thailand , Vietnam , Cambodia , India , Dubai , Singapore , UK , France and so on .
SCS International Limited in particular offer new flight course from Zhejiang to Europe ( exempt ration) . Textiles and clothes limited by import and export ration licence , SCS International Limited can arrange export smoothly .
SCS International Limited with perfect service web , special computer system and modern and conveyor process will take your parcel to almost 200 country and areas safely and timely in the world .

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